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Product Information

Sodium Sesquicarbonate (200g)

Product Number
JAN Code
6 × 12 = 72
Pkg Size(mm)
195 × 100 × 45
Case Size(mm)
545 (W) × 190 (D) × 275 (H)
Manufactured In

1. For extractor fan, gas range, or sink: Dissolve 5g of product with 500ml of water and spray on surface. Wipe clean with a cloth.
2. For doorknob/switch: Dissolve 5g this product with 500ml of water and soak a cloth with mixture. Wring cloth and wipe.
3. For laundry: Dissolve 30g of product with 30ℓ of water and launder.
4. For heavier dirt, repeat wash cycle again with detergent.
5. For collars/cuffs: Dissolve 5g of product with 500ml of water and spray. After leaving for 5 minutes, launder with detergent.

Mixing product with warm water will produce a thicker liquid. Always do a patch test on hidden surface area for 5 minutes before using product. Do not use on clothes that discolor or color transfer. Always follow garment washing instructions.

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