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Ice Bowl Tray

Product Number
JAN Code
10 ×10 = 100
Pkg Size(mm)
210 × 155 × 75
Case Size(mm)
620 (W) × 560 (D) × 400 (H)
Manufactured In

1. Excess water may spill from the tray. Work in the place where you do not mind getting wet.
2. Separate top & bottom trays. Fill with water to reference line of the bottom tray. Fit the top tray into the bottom tray and press down slowly.
3. After trays get together tightly, put them in the freezer in a horizontal state. Put the tray in the freezer if excess water may collect in concave of the lid.
4. Leave the tray at normal temperature for a time before taking out ice dish.
5. Put ice dish on a dish because ice dish melts. Lay paper towel on the dish to prevent ice tray from slide. Wet inside of ice dish lightly not to stick before use.

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