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Foaming Facial Net

Product Number
Case Size(mm)
535 (W) × 340 (D) × 425 (H)
Manufactured In

Our Foaming Facial Net produces an abundance of soft foam that delicately rids the skin of impurities.
Its patented double-net design is made to enhance the effectiveness of your own liquid, cream, solid, or powder-based facial cleansers and is sure to create a new and advanced experience in your beauty routine.

1. Wet the Foaming Facial Net.
2. Add face wash to net while spread open in the hand.
3. Rub the net in a circular motion between your palms to create a foamy lather.
4. Once enough foam has been produced, squeeze the foam out of the net in a down-ward motion and use the foam to cleanse the face.

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